FAQ & Family Health History Tool Support

What is the purpose of this project?

The purpose of this project is to improve the quality and frequency of the family history taken by oncology providers in order to increase the uptake of appropriate genetic counseling and germline testing in their patients. Despite best efforts, the documentation of family history across oncology practices in Michigan is currently under 30%. The ultimate goal is to improve outcomes for patients with cancer and their families across the state of Michigan.

How is the Family Health History Survey better than the form that patients already fill out in my practice?

The Family Health History Survey is completed by patients prior to being seen in clinic and prompts them to complete a full family history. A full family history spans three generations and includes the age at diagnosis of affected family members. By having patients complete this survey at home, they are more able to gather information they may not have which is not possible in the clinic setting.

In addition, the Family Health History Survey generates a pedigree, which makes seeing patterns of inheritance easier.

How are practices selected for participation?

All practices that are members of the Michigan Oncology Quality Consortium (MOQC) will contribute data to this measure.

If we decide to use the Family Health History Survey, when will we start?

To allow for the gradual rollout of the Family Health History Survey across all MOQC practices, we have a staggered implementation plan over the next couple of years. The order in which practices are assigned to begin use of the tool is random.

Please download our Provider Tips on Genetic Testing (pdf)


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